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Tick Remover

The Care Plus Tick Out provides a reliable and safe way to remove ticks from the skin with the least chance of passing on Lyme bacteria or anything else unpleasant.


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Ticks are a significant problem throughout the UK, central and northern regions of Europe and parts of Asia and North America – they are related to spiders, but are parasites that feed on the blood of mice, birds, sheep, deer or humans.

Ticks live in and on grasses, bushes and low growing foliage and detect their victims through vibration and temperature – when on a victim they attach themselves by embedding their mouth into the skin where they feed on blood for as much as 72 hours.

Safe removal of a tick is essential, methods such as burning the tick off or smothering it with vaseline can greatly shock the tick and cause it to regurgitate its feed back into the bloodstream of the victim – this greatly increases the chances of passing on bacteria. The Care Plus Tick Out will allow you to remove the tick with minimum chance of regurgitation, leading to a smaller risk of infection with Lyme Disease.

The Tick Out is designed to work with different ticks and at different points in their life cycle, it is comes with two alcohol wipes to clean off the skin subsequent to removal.

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