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Snogg Soft Fit Bandage


Hypoallergenic, Latex free foam plaster

  • •Plaster stays in place when wet making it ideal for outdoor sports people
  • Ideal for children, toes and awkward areas• Plaster only adheres to itself, not wounds, hair or skin
  • Highly absorbent dressing that can even be applied to heavy bleeding wounds



The Snogg Soft Fit is an adhesive-free, self-adherent bandage that can be used to cover a range of wounds. The Snogg Soft Next bandage will only adhere to itself and not wounds, hair or skin. The bandage requires no glue, safety pins or clips to stay in place. This latex-free dressing is the only hypoallergenic foam bandage on the market making it the ideal, skin-friendly choice. The dressing is made from a soft, elastic material shaping itself to the joint it covers ensuring you can continue to move the limb freely.

The Snogg Soft Foam Plaster / Bandage is highly absorbent and can be used to stop a bleeding wound by pinching the bandage until the desired pressure is reached, multiple layers of the dressing can be applied for heavy bleeding. These foam plasters can be used in water, staying firmly in place even when wet. The Snogg Soft Next plaster is available in natural and blue colours suitable for the catering industry. 3cm size ideal for using on children, toes and awkward areas.

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