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Training Defibrillator – Schiller FRED Public Access PA1


SCHILLER’s latest defibrillator, the FRED PA-1 Semi-Automatic AED is dedicated for use in public access areas and designed so that even untrained users can save lives. The FRED PA-1 guides the rescuer step-by-step during the entire resuscitation process.

Schiller is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to innovating, developing and distributing devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, emergency medicine and patient monitoring.


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The FRED PA-1 Training devices makes it possible to use the device in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode

Associated to a manikin, the FRED® PA-1 Trainer can train for the whole resuscitation process:

  • Repositionable training electrodes to train to the positioning of the electrodes on the torso
  • The FRED® PA-1 Trainer delivers detailed step-by-step instructions to the user
  • During the CPR phase performed on the manikin, the FRED® PA-1 Trainer gives the rythm to follow using the metronome

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