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Schiller FRED Public Access Defibrillator PA1 Semi-Automatic


SCHILLER’s latest defibrillator, the FRED PA-1 Semi-Automatic AED is dedicated for use in public access areas and designed so that even untrained users can save lives. The FRED PA-1 guides the rescuer step-by-step during the entire resuscitation process.


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6 year battery stand-by, with weekly self-tests – internal circuit boards, battery and electrodes. RFID tag on the pads connector, checks the expiry date, issuing a warning when pads require replacement. Easy maintenance, 3 LED’s inform user to : replace pads, replace battery or arrange maintenance.

10 year product warranty, offers peace of mind with standard product exchange. IP rating 55 “Protected against dust and low pressure water jets”. Additional pads carried under unit case.

Suitable for any environment – Sudden cardiac arrest can hit anyone, anywhere. The FRED PA-1 is designed for all locations, wherever you might need it. This unit has been installed in airports, hotels, railway stations, community first responder teams and is used by Mountain Rescue Teams in the UK including Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation.  With its high IP rating (IP55-protected against dust and water projection), the FRED PA-1 withstands even unfavourable conditions.

Automatic or Semi Automatic The FRED PA-1 analyses the patient’s heart rhythm and determines whether a shock is necessary or not. Rescuers can fully rely on the result of the analysis, which is based on proven algorithms and decades of experience. Available in semi or fully automatic versions. Delivering a shock to a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest should be done as soon as possible. In automatic version, the FRED PA-1 delivers the shock without any action required by the rescuer. In semi-automatic version, the FRED PA-1 prompts the rescuer to deliver the shock by pressing the shock button. Semi-automatic supplied as standard.

Popular features of the FRED PA-1 include:

MAXIMUM USER-FRIENDLINESS – Clear and easy to follow audio instructions relayed as simply as possible.

1-2-3 STEPS – Spoken instructions and clear pictures to guide the user through the process.

NO DELAY – Lift the cover and FRED PA-1 starts up immediately. Electrodes are pre-connected: apply to patient’s chest and FRED PA-1 will guide user.

SHOCK DELIVERY POSSIBLE AS SOON AS A SHOCK IS RECOMMENDED – Fast analysis system that systematically pre-charges correct energy so that shock can be delivered as soon as recommended.

EMERGENCY NUMBER – User first advised to call emergency services and provides appropriate phone number (customisable).

FAST SET-UP – Pre-connected electrodes allow faster application of electrodes to patient’s chest; analysis starts automatically.

ALWAYS OPERATIONAL -Automatically performs regular self-test and indicates its ready-to-use status.

EASY TO CARRY – One-hand lightweight carry pack for swift transport to required use.

CLEAR OPERABILITY INDICATIONS – Provides acoustic signals &LEDs indicators if device action is required (replacement of battery, electrodes).

“REPEAT” FUNCTION – Button to repeat audio guidance if user requires.

DATA MANAGEMENT – Stores up to 2 hours of intervention data, including 500 events. Using an SD card, data retrieval & software updates are simple to perform.

FOR ALL PATIENT TYPES – Used for adults or children using designated electrodes, automatically recognises the different electrode type and adjusts defibrillation energy accordingly.

LONG WARRANTY PERIOD – Peace of mind with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

READY WHEN NEEDED – Long battery life (6 years) to be ready when needed. Battery level is checked during the self-test and LED warns of low level.

ELECTRODE SHELF LIFE CHECK – determines when electrode shelf life has expired and prompts user to replace.

DON’T FORGET CPR – Defibrillation is not enough. To continue oxygen to be provided to the organs, blood flow must be maintained. Chest compression is therefore equally important. The FRED PA-1 helps the user to correctly perform chest compressions by indicating the correct positioning and setting a regular rhythm (metronome) in order to achieve highest efficiency.

About Schiller

Schiller is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to innovating, developing and distributing devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, emergency medicine and patient monitoring.

Schiller revolutionised the defibrillator market when they launched the Fred Easyport; the world’s first ever pocket-sized life-saving defibrillator.

More Information

If you have any unanswered questions about the all new Schiller PA-1 Fully Automatic defibrillator, our dedicated team at Remote First Aid Responsive Emergency Care Supplies are sure to have all the answers.


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