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Activity Shelter / Emergency Bothy

This award winning emergency shelter is used to provide some protection from the wind and rain when you are in the outdoors , without a tent, and have to take shelter that you might not have planned to. Its lightweight, easy to carry and can be pulled over 2-3 people to help keep the elements off them in an emergency.

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The shelter is made from high visibility orange ripstop nylon material and has 2 large retro reflective patches on the front to help reflect the torch light from a search party or helicopter searchlight. A viewing window is also included to let the occupants see out whilst keeping sheltered.

2 People can sit inside the shelter and have enough room to face each other and have an area in the middle to eat. 3 people in the shelter is a bit more crowded.

This type of shelter is sometimes referred to as a ‘Bothy Bag”


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