Actfast Anti Choking Training Vest

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Brand new Actfast Anti Choking Trainers are available at incredible fully inclusive prices!


  • Red Actfast Anti Choking Trainer with Back Cushion for ‘Back Slaps’, Shoulder and Waist adjustment straps
  • 20 ‘Foreign’ Objects (10 Green for practice/easy to get out & 10 Yellow for increased difficulty)
  • White draw-string bag
  • Instructions
  • Warranty – as per the manufactures, return to ourselves within a year from purchase for replacement (shipping/postage costs are not covered). Warranty is for faulty manufacturing of product and not ware.



The Response from Students: “I’m not sure if I’m doing it right”

The Result: Students leaving class unsure of what to do in a choking emergency.

The Answer: The Actfast Choking Rescue Trainer!

How It Works: It’s simple, an individual wears the Actfast Choking Rescue Trainer whilst another demonstrates the manoeuvre. If the skill is performed correctly then an object will be dispelled from the trainer. If the exact, correct technique is not performed then the object will not be dispelled. When performed correctly there is no risk of injury to students and they leave the class fully confident in performing Abdominal Thrusts.

Back Slaps:  We supply the Actfast anti-choking trainer with a built in back pad to allow back slaps to be applied to the student. This allows students to practice the AHA and ERC anti choking skills. Other Skills Students or individuals at home can practice choking treatment skills. Persons can also practice relief of choking on their own at home by using furniture, worktops etc. Ideal for school teachers, youth clubs, scout groups, parents, individuals and of course BLS instructors.

Each vest is supplied as:

  • 1 Choking Rescue Trainer with Backpad
  • 5 Projectiles
  • Carry Bag
  • Instructions for use

Why pay more for your training items.

Our price is fully inclusive plus P&P to UK Mainland.

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