ACT – Tourniquet (Orange/Black)

The ACT-Tourniquet is a simple, cost-effective and intuitive pull and stretch tourniquet for self-application or for other casualties. The ACT-Tourniquet provides a quick and effective solution to stop massive bleeding and save lives in an emergency situation.



Designed to allow public access to bleeding control in a compact affordable manner

  • Packed pre-looped for easy self-application, the loop can be separated to attach the tourniquet around the leg or an entrapped limb
  • Material can be written upon to record time of placement
  • Manufactured from bespoke high visibility elastic and military grade webbing materials
  • Allows for circumferential compression that occludes blood flow to the affected limb from the first pull

The application is as simple as Apply, Compress and Tuck:

Apply (Arm)
Insert upper limb through loop, place high

Apply (Leg)
Unbuckle and re-buckle around lower limb, place high

Tighten Strap through buckle and wrap around limb as tight as possible

Tuck tail of strap under itself during final wrap around limb and pull tight. Check often and after any movement of casualty. Record time of placement


The ACT-Tourniquet is supplied in our ACT-PAK Personal Aid Kit – Basic as well as this stand alone item. A ideal addition to any first aid kit. #StopBleeding



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