Forestry first aider’s

A question we often get asked on our First aid at work + F forestry courses is, am I required to carry a personal first aid kit when on-site? The simple answer is yes! The HSE give clear guidance to employers and their forestry operators in that they ”must” carry a personal first aid kit that contains at least, a Large wound dressing, a pair of first aid gloves and a resuscitation aid. We also suggest the forestry first aider carries a tourniquet and a haemostatic dressing and attend appropriate training in their use; such as attending one of our FAW +F courses. Other aspects the HSE require forestry  managers and operators who fulfil the role of a forestry first aider must be able to direct the emergency services using the OS grid references and or GPS co-ordinates to the operational site where any medical emergency occurs.

4BC Bleed Control Kit


Full details of what forestry first aiders are required to do, can be read at the HSE Forestry Sector website here.

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