First aid at work – Re-qualification. FAQ’s.

Who can attend an FAW requalification course is a question that often comes up on our helpdesk.

Firstly and most importantly, when a First Aid at Work certificate expires the person holding this certificate can no longer act as a workplace first aider. So from the employers’ point of view they may not be meeting their statutory duties under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.
Secondly, the employer should have in place a robust training records regime in place to ensure compliance is maintained. Thirdly we get asked, I work with Children & Young people do these courses contain first aid covering children. The simple answer is no, but the HSE do allow for additional training to be provided, such as Basic Life Support skills to be taught for Babies & Children within the course. A additional certificate will be issued if your employer requires this. Please note this additional training does not meet the statutory EYFS paediatric first aid standards. We recommend educational establishments to contact us to discuss their needs to ensure compliance is met and maintained.

The Health & Safety Executive under the current Health & Safety Regulations (First Aid) state the following;

”The FAW requalification course lasts two days and should cover the same content as the initial three-day FAW course (Appendix 5). If the first-aider does not retrain or requalify before the expiry date on their current certificate they are no longer considered competent to act as a first-aider in the workplace. They can requalify at any time after the expiry date by undertaking the two-day requalification course. However, it may be prudent to complete the three-day FAW course, especially where a considerable period – i.e. in excess of one month – has elapsed since the FAW certificate expired. It is for the employer to decide the most appropriate training course to requalify the first-aider”.  Employers can read the full HSE statement here.

Remote First Aid advise employers that those that have expired FAW certificate attend the full initial 3-day FAW training course especially if they are not providing first aid regularly. However we will consider on an individual basis an expired FAW that is no more than 28 days expired in-line with the HSE recommendations.

However, overall it is the employers’ responsibility to have sufficient first aid provision to meet the First Aid Regulations and that includes selecting a suitable training provider such as Remote First Aid who are a nationally recognised training provider. Remote First Aid are required to see the original FAW certificate and will take a copy to add to the training records in-line with the compliance requirements for training providers.

First Aid at Work Re-qualification Course

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