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Combined First Aid Courses

Combining First Aid Qualifications.

The following qualifications and their content have been carefully reviewed, mapped and cross-examined based on a similar criterion. This means there are parallels with the content, learning outcomes, aims and objectives. Therefore employers can request the following combined training courses, thus reducing costs and employee time away from work.

Examples of employers needs

An employers first aid risk analysis shows that they require a number of FAW certificate holders at one of their high risk sites, but also require a number of EFAW certificate holders at their low risk head office site. This employer can reduce costs by requesting Remote First Aid to deliver the combined FAW + EFAW courses. All delegates attend day one and those only requiring the EFAW certification complete their training and assessments on day one. Those employees requiring to hold the FAW certificate will continue their FAW training on days two and three completing their assessments on day three.

Another example is that an employer who runs a pre-school nursery requires a suitable Emergency first aider in the workplace to meet the HSE workplace first aid regulations covering staff and visitors but also requires the full 12 hour paediatric first aid qualification to meet the additional regulations relating to infants and children in their care. They therefore can select the 2-day PFA and EFAW combined course delivered over 14 hours to meet both set of regulations. Successful employees would be awarded the Full PFA & EFAW certificates.

A further example is a Local Authority owned Outdoor Education Centre, they require staff to hold the First Aid at Work certificate and a relevant Outdoor Pursuits First Aid certificate for their staff who hold National Governing Body awards. To reduce costs the centre manager can book a 3-Day First Aid at Work training and assessment course that includes the Outdoor Pursuits First Aid curricula. Successful staff completing this combined course would be awarded both certificate.

  • FAW + EFAW (on day one)
  • FAW + 2-day Paediatric First Aid
  • FAW + Outdoor Pursuits (16 hour) First Aid
  • FAW Requalification + Outdoor Pursuits (16 Hour) First Aid
  • Forest School First Aid + 2-day Paediatric First Aid
  • FAW Requalification + 2-day Paediatric First Aid
  • Outdoor Pursuits (16 Hour) First Aid + Emergency First Aid at Work
  • 2 day Paediatric + Emergency First Aid at Work
  • BLS for Dentists + BLS for Healthcare Professionals
  • 2-day Paediatric + 1-day Emergency Paediatric (on day one)
  • FAW for Forestry + EFAW for Forestry
  • FAW + Equestrian FAW + FAW for Forestry
  • First Aid for Schools + First Aid for Playground Staff + First Aid for Teachers
  • Activity First Aid + Outdoor Pursuits + Forest Schools First Aid
  • Immediate Life Support + Paediatric Immediate Life Support
  • First Responder + FAW + Medical Gases


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