Due Diligence

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring the quality of first aid training provider you select. You would need to be able to demonstrate how you carried out the Due Diligence Checks to the HSE if called upon in any investigation on how you choose a training provider. Remote First Aid is an approved training business delivering accredited training courses overseen by the UK regulators. By selecting Remote First Aid as your training partner, you ARE ABLE to demonstrate that you have selected a training provider THAT EXCEEDS the minimum standards the HSE expect. Why would you choose a lesser service that only meets the minimum standards where they employ good trainers WHEN YOU can engage our services and have OUTSTANDING TRAINERS working with your organisation and staff.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is not required to approve First Aid training and qualifications, but it does provide a due diligence checklist to help you choose a reputable training provider and ensure that you receive quality first aid training. The due diligence checklist covers:

  • The qualifications expected of trainers and assessors
  • Monitoring and quality assurance systems
  • Teaching and standards of first aid practice
  • Syllabus content and certification

Remote First Aid provide regulated first aid training that is recognised by the HSE as a standard setter for First Aid at Work training meeting the Health & Safety Regulations (First Aid 1981). We meet and exceed the due diligence checklist criteria in the following ways:

Do the trainers/assessors have a current First Aid at Work certificate or qualify for exemption?

Yes. Despite guidance from the HSE stating the Trainer must have First Aid at Work as a minimum. All our trainers hold qualifications at least one level higher than that at which they are training plus they operate at that level providing care to casualties for at least 450 hours per annum.

  • First Person on Scene – Level 3 or higher
  • First Response Emergency Care Level 3 or higher
  • Certificate in First Response Level 3 or higher
  • Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate
  • Combat Medical Technician 1 or 2
  • Ambulance Technician / Emergency Care Assistant
  • Registered Paramedic – with relevant experience e.g. Offshore or Remote
  • RGN registered Nurse – with relevant experience e.g. A&E or Paediatrics
  • GMC registered Doctor – with relevant experience i.e.
  • Emergency medicine Diploma or travel/mountain medicine Diploma holder.

Do the trainers/assessors have an appropriate training/assessing qualification?

Yes. Our trainers and assessors hold recognised training and assessing qualifications consistent with HSE guidelines.

Does the training provider have a documented quality assurance plan designating an individual to take responsibility for quality assurance and does it also include assessment of the performance of trainers/assessors at least annually?

Yes. We have a robust quality assurance plan in place to ensure our high quality training is consistent across the United Kingdom meeting the requirements set by the HSE and the meeting the Occupational Standards.

Does the designated person responsible for quality assurance have a current First Aid at Work certificate or qualify for exemption?

Yes. Our Head of Centre holds a current FAW certificate and is a Emergency Care Diploma holder working regularly in Pre-Hospital settings.

Does the designated person responsible for quality assurance have an assessing/verifying qualification?

Yes. Our Head of Centre is fully qualified and holds a Level 4 qualification in line with the requirements of all leading UK awarding organisations and UK regulators.

Is there a documented course evaluation procedure?

Yes. Our evaluation procedure is provided to every course candidate and is available to view upon request.

Is there a documented complaints procedure?

Yes. We take any complaint seriously hence customer feedback gets logged and reviewed by our customer care team and then followed up within agreed timescales.

To ensure the best quality training experience for our candidates we monitor and analyse every candidate feedback form. We review and follow up every suggestion in an effort to maximise customer satisfaction.

Are First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work taught in accordance with:

  • Current guidelines on adult basic life support, published by the Resuscitation Council (UK)
  • Current guidelines for other aspects of first aid, published by the Voluntary Aid Societies
  • Other published guidelines supported by a responsible body of medical opinion?
  • All training is supported with a nationally recognised training support manual issued to each student

Yes. We are an approved nationally recognised training centre. Our company is acknowledged by the HSE as a standard setter for first aid practice in relation to First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work courses alongside the Awarding Organisations we are approved by.

Does the course content adequately meet the needs of your workplace, as indicated by your first aid needs assessment?

Yes. Remote First Aid can deliver First Aid at Work/Emergency First Aid at Work training to any business within the United Kingdom regardless of risk. We also tailor all courses to meet customer needs.

For First Aid at Work, does the syllabus include the topics listed by the HSE and does the course include at least 18 hours of training and assessment over three days?

Yes. Our First Aid at Work training meets HSE specified content exactly and has a minimum of 18 contact hours of training/ongoing assessment.

For First Aid at Work requalification, does the syllabus include the topics listed by the HSE and does the course include at least 12 hours of training and assessment over two days?

Yes. Our First Aid at Work Requalification course meets the HSE specified content exactly and has a minimum of 12 contact hours of training and ongoing assessment.

Remote First Aid delivers a first class after-sales experience. We will also help you continue to meet your workplace first aid provision by notifying you and your first aider three months before they need to requalify.

For more information on selecting a training provider, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/l6p3zu8

For more information on how we are required to assess first aid qualifications please visit the HSE website at http://www.hse.gov.uk/firstaid/first-aid-training.htm