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Trainer Events 2017

As a registered Qualifications Network United Kingdom training centre, we are pleased to offer the following events in association with QNUK.

Administration of Medical Gases Trainer CPD

There is nothing like hands-on practice!

Successful attendance on the QN Administration of Medical Gases will allow our associate trainer’s to deliver their own QN Medical Gases Training courses. The day explores the very latest protocols, methods and stated uses of both Oxygen Administration, Air & Gas for use in pain relief and the safe use of a Defibrillator. On completion of this training trainers will have full access to our trainer portal, where they can access full training delivery support materials, included SOW, PPT presentations, and course delivery documents. Trainers may add their own logo to the associate certificate for FREE.

Venue: Wrexham, North Wales

Date: 23/12/17

Course times: 09:30 – 16.30

Course cost: Includes refreshments

Active trainers: £99.99 pp

Inactive  trainers: £129.99 pp

Non-associated trainers: £149.99 pp

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Safe use of AEDs CPD and consultation day

This half-day workshop is a perfect for any trainers requiring to update their knowledge on the use of AEDs and to standardise how they assess the safe use in common first aid courses such as the first aid at work.

There will be a range of AEDs for you to practice with and a discussion about new AED signage.

Venue: Derry – Northern Ireland

Date: 10/07/17

Course times: 13:30 – 16:30

Course cost: Includes refreshments

Active trainers: £35 pp or free if attending the AM tourniquet session too

Inactive trainers: £45pp or free if attending AM tourniquet session too

Non-associate trainers: £55 pp or free if attending AM tourniquet session too

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Assessor and IQA CPD event

This full day course was initially aimed at first aid trainers who may have lacked a formal assessing qualification and were unlikely to have an IQA qualification.

While we still discuss first aid assessments, the principles of assessment and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) can be used across our level 1 and 2 qualifications and some of our level 3’s such as first aid.

The workshop is accepted by all First aid related AOs for their first aid courses.

Venue: Derry – Northern Ireland

Date: 11/07/17

Course times: 09:30 – 16:30

Course cost: Includes light lunch, refreshments and a range of templates

Active trainers: £55 pp

Inactive trainers: £75pp

Non-associate trainers: £90 pp

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Outdoor first aid trainer training CPD event

We are one of the leading providers for regulated outdoor first aid course delivery in the UK since 2005.

We believe that the teaching of first aid should be kept simple, but when you are up to 2 hours from help and other factors beyond the initial injury needs to be considered, outdoor first aiders can require some additional skills.

This two-day programme builds on standard first aid teaching and demonstrates how to deliver first aid courses for the outdoor environment, along with those additional skills required.

Day two looks at the standardisation of assessments and gives an opportunity to share ideas for scenario based training in the outdoors.

This workshop is aimed at experienced first aid trainers who want to start delivering outdoor first aid courses including EFAW+F.

Outdoor clothing is a must for this course!


Venue: TBC – Hartlepool area

Date: 17 – 18/10/17

Course times: 09:00 – 18:00

Course cost: Includes light lunch and refreshments

Active trainers: £195 pp

Inactive trainers: £245pp

Non-associate trainers: £295 pp

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