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Uriel Emergency Silver Multi-Bandage


Multiple uses: fixation and support, wound bandage, burn dressing, ballistic trauma, tourniquet.

  • One hand operation.
  • Includes 3 plasters and 2 pads for ballistic wounds. Pads sizes: (90 X 7.5 cm).
  • 90 gms
  • CE marked.


The Emergency Silver Multi bandage is a ideal tool to carry in your first aid kit. Multiple uses thus reducing weight and makes this ideal for those taking part in adventures sports, such as climbing, mountaineering, skiing, water and paddle sports, on and off-road cycling and many more activities.

Directions for use
For burns, cuts and other wounds:
place both pads, one on top of the other for better absorption and tie the bandage.
For ballistic wounds: place one pad on the entry wound, the second one on the exit wound and tie the bandage.
For fixation or support: remove the mobile pad and tie the bandage.
For using as a tourniquet: place a 1/2 ball or stone into the pocket under the fixed pad and tie the bandage for pressing against the artery above the injured zone. Remove the mobile pad.

Do not touch the inner part of the wound pad in order to keep it sterile.


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