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Continuous Professional Development in Outdoor First Aid

A full day of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Outdoor First Aid. Attendance to our training day which exceeds the HSE statement in regards to the 3 hour annual refresher training for all first aiders.

Keep up to date with the  very latest HSE guidance in regards to first aid provision in the workplace, including those that require a Outdoor, Forestry or Activity First Aid qualification for their licence to practice. 

Our annual Outdoor Annual CPD day goes beyond the minimum HSE standards for annual refresher training, these minimum standards set by the HSE include the following elements to refresh annually:-

  • dealing with an unresponsive breathing casualty,
  • dealing with an unresponsive non-breathing casualty,
  • dealing with a casualty in shock,
  • dealing with a choking victim,
  • dealing with a victim suffering a major bleed,
  • updating the first aider of on the October 2017 first aid changes.

Additionally in the afternoon students will be able to build their knowledge & skills in the following areas:-

  • patient monitoring in extended outdoor situations,
  • medical gases, pulse oximetry & analgesia routes
  • advanced airway management includes OPA with BVM
  • assisting the Rescue Services in immobilisation technique’s,
  • hypothermia & hyperthermia


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Who should attend?

All NGB holders of a current outdoor, forestry or activity first aid certificate and especially those in a position where they are required to maintain their first aid qualification as a licence to practice. Furthermore by attending this annual CPD training, attendees will be able to demonstrate a commitment to CPD in outdoor first aid, update knowledge on current accepted practices, demonstrate accepted first aid techniques within this important area.

Join us in your Continuous Professional Development with regards to Outdoor First Aid compliances at:

 Betws y coed Friday 24th November | Gloucester Friday 1st December

Southampton Friday 8th December | Aviemore Friday 2nd February

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Course duration

8 hours

Assessment & certification

Delegates are assessed continually throughout the day by means of practical observations and completion of a portfolio of evidence in the supplied workbook. A certificate of attendance is issued as proof of Continual Professional Development in Outdoor First Aid. We can include your organisations own logo to your certificates at no additional cost.


The cost of this course delivery is just £399.99 for up to 6 delegates at your UK venue or £599.99 for up to 12 delegates and includes worksheets to each student plus certificate of attendance. There are no additional fees.

Individuals joining us at our outdoor first aid training centres will be charged at £49.99 per person attending includes light beverages throughout the day, all training and assessments, worksheets and certification.