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Instructor Training Days – What’s in a name?

Here at Remote First Aid, we aim to be able to offer our clients including associate trainers, the very best services possible. We work with a wide range of UK Governmental Departments as a contracted Stakeholder. For instance one such Department we work with is the Department for Education (DfE), within the Educational and Children’s Social Care Professionals Services sector. We also work closely with the various Devolved Governments and associate bodies, for instance we work closely with the Welsh Government on Adult training contracts including supporting the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, by ensuring their field staff, who work in some of the remotest locations across Wales, hold relevant and authentic qualifications such as the QNUK L3 Award in Outdoor First Aid.

When applying to work with any UK Governmental Organisation both they and we as a Stakeholder are expected to have the highest standards in the areas we operate, in our case Adult Education. We often get asked, why do you offer training qualifications in association with an Awarding Organisation? The simple answer is we can provide to  stakeholders a range of qualifications the UK Government already recognises via Ofqual and the RQF as being authentic and reliable. We believe in #RasingStandards to drive learning and development at all levels, including our own educators, quality assurers and facilitators.

Below is descriptors of how the Department for Education views the various layers of teaching, training and facilitating when we approach them as a stakeholder.


Individual directly supporting personal and professional development (leadership) by unlocking a person’s ability to maximise their own performance and helping them to learn rather than teaching them.


Individual who, through their specialist knowledge of specific sectors, can deliver and apply models of evaluation to operational requirements.


Individual who manages other individuals or groups of people to understand the requirements and develops them with plans/solutions to deliver their leadership objectives and achieve mutually pursued goals.


Individual who is able to encourage and enable learning based on their own operational experience, and subsequently empowers another individual to success within their own working environment.


Individual who is specifically a serving leader (or ex-serving leader) within their setting with the ability to share and deliver knowledge and practice to others.

Quality Assurance Officer:

Individual who undertakes operational activities intended to establish confidence that quality requirements will be/are met.


Individual with subject specific expertise that can be applied to the operational environment who can impart this knowledge to participants.