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First Aid for Forest Schools

Many Forest Schools Practitioners request information on what to include in their off-site first aid kits when attending our QNUK Level 3 Outdoor First Aid courses. As the HSE strongly recommends that employers include the public in their first-aid needs assessment and make provision for them, what first aid equipment and training you decide on will be based on your specific needs assessment, that would include the following questions as a minimum.

  • Location & remoteness from the Emergency Services?
  • Time of year & daily weather conditions?
  • Ability to contact the Emergency Services?
  • Age’s variations of any potential casualties’?
  • Any known or declared medical conditions?
  • Do I require a Defibrillator (AED) with my first aid equipment?
  • Ones own abilities and limitations to act in any given first aid incident?

Here, Adam Giles from Hands on Bushcraft gives his lowdown on what first aid equipment is taken on his courses at Hands on Bushcraft.

Adam Giles from Hands on Bushcraft will be giving his lowdown on what he takes in the field in his first aid kits. Why not take a look at his blog pages http://www.handsonbushcraft.co.uk/author/handsonb/


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